There are millions of winemakers out there, and even the most acclaimed sommeliers don’t know all of them and their associated varietals. That makes it extremely difficult for the rest of us to know what we’re buying off the shelf at the supermarket—and that’s exactly the problem that Vivino worked towards solving when the company initially launched in 2009.

Vivino started as a crowd-sourced wine app where users could scan photos of wine labels and see immediate reviews and ratings left by other users. But today, it’s not just a place to review wine: it’s a robust marketplace to purchase and sell wine as well.

“All of us have become accustomed to receiving things in two days by other large retailers out there,” said Vivino’s VP of Customer Experience Chad Boonsupa. “So in the Vivino world, what we’re most concerned about is getting to the consumer fast.”

360 Degree Customer View Streamlines Processes on a Global Level

Marketplaces are a tricky business to support, because they require designated customer service strategies for both the supplier and consumer sides of the equation. Vivino has wine buyers and sellers all over the globe that need support both within the app and outside of it.

When deciding on a customer service solution, the Vivino team therefore needed a platform that could provide highly scalable, messaging-based omni-channel support.

“We were actually running parallel programs with Zendesk and Helpshift, and Helpshift was a clear winner for us—mainly because of Helpshift’s enterprise-level integrations,” said Chad. “We’re actually able to capture a 360 degree view of both our business user and consumer.”

That 360 degree view means the Vivino team has access to data available right out of the box—including user spend, location, device, and channel. The team is also able to support their email and mobile chat users alike from the same unified Helpshift dashboard that collects that user information.

Helpshift’s advanced workflow management also allows for extremely efficient ticket routing, which is a huge benefit as the Vivino team supports eight languages across 11 countries and their corresponding time zones. Having automatic processes in place to get tickets to the agents who can most quickly address them is imperative.

Vivino’s Fast and Honest Approach Equates to Increased Customer Retention

Thanks to these intelligent features, Vivino has drastically improved the average time that it takes for an agent to respond to a ticket by 90 percent. Another significant feature that allows the team to respond so quickly is Vivino’s well-executed knowledge base.

“For us, self-service is huge,” said Chad. “We can publish a knowledge article in the eight languages that we support with two clicks.”

Vivino’s knowledge articles are so effective that they deflect 95 percent of tickets. That frees up agents to provide that real-time high-touch service to the remaining five percent who need it most (especially those who are buying and selling on a regular basis).

These tools allow for more streamlined processes and higher efficiencies all around. Yet at the end of the day it’s customer loyalty that matters. So it’s a good thing that customer satisfaction has increased too.

“CSAT is up, upwards of about 85 percent now,” said Chad. “They’re rating us with very, very high marks from a customer satisfaction standpoint, so because we take an honest approach to our customer interactions we are able to drive repeat business and our retention is just through the roof right now.”